Quality & Environment


As part of our corporate due diligence, but also out of our self-conception as an expert’s and engineering bureau, we do set the highest quality standards to our products and services.

In order to maintain and constantly improve these standards, we have set ourselves a quality management system based on the most recent ISO 9001 standards.

Its application ensures that all activities that impact on quality and business performance are planned, managed and monitored, and that contractually agreed requirements are met.

By assessing the results, internal audits and performance evaluation, the management reviews the performance and effectiveness of the QM system.

We provide all necessary means to fulfill the quality objectives and to enforce our quality policy.

The stable quality of our products and services is a firm base for a successful business. For us, quality means meeting the requirements of our customers and interested parties in the best possible way.


For us, acting in a quality-conscious way also means using environmental resources in a responsible and efficient manner. All employees have the duty and the right to prevent or to reduce circumstances that limit the performance of the company.

It is absolutely mandatory for us to comply with the legal and official regulations and other energy-related interests as well as the self-imposed requirements for energy consumption.

It is therefore our duty to reduce the consumption of energy to the minimum possible and to increase energy efficiency within the framework of economic and technical possibilities and well-thought-out processes.

Our responsibility in managing energy and resources requires identifying and assessing our significant energy issues.

The management and each employee of our company is requested to make an active contribution to environmental protection.

In order to achieve a continuous improvement of our environmental services, we at MUND+BRUNS decided to include these topics in our quality management.