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The Mund+Bruns Group with headquartes in Bremen / Germany operates as an international marine and cargo engineering bureau with more than 50 permanent employees at various subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and China.
A powerful network of our own personel and external engineers, surveyors and inspectors enables us to offer our services at any time and anywhere.

All inquiries, orders or follow-up orders for all of our survey branches and representatives worldwide are coordinated and processed by our global back office from our main office in Bremen / Germany.

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Since our founding in 1990, we have established ourselves as one of the last larger independent and neutral Marine & Cargo Engineering Bureaus.
In addition to our absolute neutrality, our focus is on tailor-made damage & loss prevention, damage inspection and claims processing in the entire international transport and logistics sector, as well as advisory and supporting services in marine and transport engineering, packaging planning and consulting.

With our experience and our highly qualifed team, we offer solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our expertise extends to the European export and import industry, as well as the associated transport underwriting, with a particular focus on sectors such as the pipeline-, steel-, large scale plant engineering, automotive industries.

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“Hybrid” would probably be the best term for the General Survey area. All classic activities of a marine and cargo expert, which are not already covered by the previous descriptions.

Condition surveys, pre-loading surveys, loading and unloading surveys as well as interface checks are carried out under the term „General Survey“.

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Originating from the traditional average agent office, we provide all claims processing services such as neutral management, handling, assessment and evaluation and of claims around the globe. Out of this department, we also control and organize appropriate responses to major loss situations and “special” loss situations.

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Risk assessment and loss prevention as well as technical investigations and customized consulting are topics that we have successfully carried out in the field of engineering for now more than 30 years.Here we mainly deal with the creation and / or assessment of individualized transport regulations, transport packaging, complex project operations, heavy and superheavy lifting, stability calculations, checking method statements, lifting plans and transport drawings.

Out of the department, we carry out feasibility studies, route and road surveys as well as stowage planning and load securing inspections for our customers in plant and large-scale plant construction.

Over the past few decades, the former niche area of “pipe handling” has developed into a corporate area which – contrary to the prevailing opinion that the days of large-scale pipeline construction are over – is still growing strongly, particularly due to the current political situation.

Topics such as coating, corrosion and ovality tests, compliance with national and international occupational safety regulations, layer calculations, prevention of serial and damages, the creation of regulations and handling instructions, but also classic interface controls are the focus of our activities here.

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Our company is proud to hold ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC certifications.

The ISO 9001 certification confirms that we have established an effective quality management system to ensure that our products and services meet the highest standards.

ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development by implementing environmentally friendly practices in our business operations.

SCC certification demonstrates our high safety standards and our commitment to the health and safety of our employees.

These certifications are proof of our continuous improvement and our pursuit of excellence in all areas of our business.


We are constantly looking for new English-speaking and technically interested employees for our Back Office, Claims Handling, Inspection and Transport Engineering divisions.

If you are interested in working in what is probably the most interesting and exciting area of the international transport industry, please send us your personal application and resume by email to: applications@mund-bruns.de.