General Survey

To describe the main focus of our department “General Survey” in a short way, we very often state:

“Customized Active Loss Prevention Survey”.

In accordance with our customers’ requirements and specifications, also taking into account relevant standards and regulations, we conduct neutral and independent high quality level surveys and inspections at any interfaces in multimodal transport chains of national or international trade routes, either between two different modes of transport or storage or liability transfer points as per sales terms respectively incoterms.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced surveyors and inspectors is capable to conduct the supervision of any cargo handling and logistics operations at any point of the logistics chain such as

  • delivery and storage surveys
  • preloading surveys
  • inturn and outturn surveys
  • loading, stowage and sea-fastening supervision
  • customized surveys

Considering the respective planned modes of transport and transport routes, we assess related risks by:

  • investigations or examinations of logistics activities and processes
  • inspection and assessment of cargo handling methods and equipment
  • inspection and assessment export packing materials and their transport worthiness

Based on our historical background and appertaining knowledge we are proud of our great competence in following particular surveys areas:

  • marine warranty surveys
  • on-/off-hire surveys
  • bunker surveys
  • ultrasonic hatch cover testing
  • container surveys
  • assessment of health, safety and environment policies (HSE)