We are committed to the high-level quality standards of the automotive industry.

Our team has the necessary expertise, competence and experience to be an integral part in the preservation of the vehicle product quality along the whole supply chain from factory to dealer. It is our target to not only assure the transport quality as per OEM’s requirements but to always pro-actively improve the quality of any transport services as well as interim storage services for vehicles at all modes of transport.

Based on the relevant legislation as well as the OEM’s specific quality standards, we carry out regular vehicle loading audits on all different kind of carriers (trucks, rail, ocean vessels).

Special attention is paid to the condition of the equipment, the correct handling of the vehicles, stowage and spacing as well as load securing. To complete the whole supply chain, we also offer compound audits at each interface of operationally caused interim storage or long term storage yards. We develop and implement tailor made solutions based on OEM’s requirements.