The office of MUND+BRUNS Marine and Cargo Surveyors was founded in 1990 as an equally associated partnership by Captain Michael W. Bruns and Captain H. Peter Mund in Bremen, Germany.

After having successfully completed a degree in nautical sciences and after several years at sea, both partners took advantage of their long-term experience in deep sea navigation and decided to continue their careers onshore as marine and cargo surveyors serving the transportation, infrastructure, insurance as well as the manufacturing industry.

In 2004 Christoph K. Bruns (BBA) and in 2006 Captain Dirk D. Lüdersen joined the management board as partners after several years of employment.

After the retirement of the founders, Christoph Bruns and Dirk Lüdersen continued the business as equal partners.

Today, MUND+BRUNS operates as an international engineering and marine and cargo surveyors office with more than 80 employees and several subsidiaries in Europe, USA and China. Our surveyors are highly qualified experts with profound knowledge within their specialist areas.