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Independent and impartial

As per Chamber of Commerce as well as national and international definitions, an expert is a natural person with a special expertise and an above-average technical expertise in a defined area.

If a company, an individual, a court or authority has not adequatejustizia 210x190 sw
technical or factual knowledge, the factual issue may be delegated to an expert for answering.

The Euro Expert - The Organization for European Expert Associations defines the expert as an independent, impartial and integrity person who has on one or more specific areas special expertise and experience.

Based upon an order, the expert makes general statements about the facts of the case submitted to him. He also has the ability to judge the facts of his findings and to describe it in a spoken and written comprehensible way.

On the following pages we would like to introduce ourselves as an international ship and cargo expert office and give you a detailed overview of our services and the services of our international offices.